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we're bananas. for social. 

We believe that business doesn't have to be boring, that no one wants to be "sold to" on social media, and that being human is more interesting than being a robot. It's not always easy, but we practice what we preach, and work every day to be our authentic selves with each other, our clients, and our audience.

We think everyone's pretty great, bruised peel and all.

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what others are saying

"Hannah is sharp and her team show up to serve their clients well; they are creative, talented, push when a push is needed (i.e., getting me out of my comfort zone) and I trust they are the experts and do what is in my company's best interest on social media."


- Sales, Recruiting, and Branding Expert


Top Banana | Owner | CEO


superlative | Most likely to overhaul your design strategy in an afternoon
top strength | Individualization
enneagram | Four

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I know what I'll be wearing next Thursday, because I curate my outfits a month in advance. I love to express myself visually through fashion, painting, woodworking, graphic design, and my Instagram grid. This alone doesn't make me unique. I have surrounded myself with friends and communities of wonderfully talented creative minds. It's the organization that sets me apart from my peers. I genuinely enjoy creating structure; working from high level concepts down to the nitty gritty. I've put these skills to work not only by building the internal processes of a business, but also when I create looks to fit brands' personalities — presenting and committing to a big picture idea with consistent yet interesting individual designs.


Community Manager | Campaign Guru


superlative | Most likely to quietly slay the assignment
top strength | Strategy
enneagram | One


I did the math, and when I turned 23 I had officially spent more of my life with a Facebook account than without one. I've seen a lot of social networks rise and fall in popularity (remember Ello? or when Pinterest was invite-only?) but the thing that holds my interest is the ability to tell your own story on your own terms.


Social media allows users to curate a visual and written narrative of their life, and while some people give it lot of flack for being "fake," there's something very endearing to me about creating a virtual catalog of your favorite memories. I use my affinity for personalized storytelling to create distinct online presences for our clients, with consistent and recognizable designs and strategies tailored to tell their stories to the audiences that matter most.

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